"vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others" 

Jonathan Swift.

Where do I start?

Well, I began taking photographs seriously in 1984, I know, that was a long time ago.

Since that time I have been blessed with an incredible career and had the good fortune to photograph hundreds of actors and celebrities. Home is Toronto,Canada where I live with my beautiful wife, six children and a mischievous golden doodle named "Teddy".

I am an aspiring artist and love to paint. My work may be seen here, www.brookepalmerart.com.

I was star-struck only once in 30 years.

I was assigned to photograph Sir Elton John with the cast of an upcoming film I was soon to begin work on called "It's A Boy Girl Thing". Through a series of unplanned events I found myself alone with Elton John in his backstage change room. When Elton shook my hand I made a feeble attempt to say hello that even I did not understand. I have always been a huge Elton John fan.

I often describe working on a film as joining a mad circus where this incredibly talented family of entertainers and craftsmen come together to work feverishly for a short time to produce a piece of art. When the project is over the circus disbands and we look for a new circus to join. It's a romantic notion of what we do but not far from the truth either.

For the past three years I was blessed to work on what I have come to regard as a highlight in my film career. I have been the stills photographer on NBC's critically acclaimed "Hannibal". Working with such talented actors and technicians on this project was a gift and, for a photographer, a magical opportunity to capture a rich and compelling story that eventually took me to Florence , Italy in Season 3.